3 Popular Models Of Green Smoothie Blenders

green smoothie blenders

Since drinking green smoothies has become the latest health trend, a lot of people are wondering how they could maximize on this new health drink to make sure that they spend the minimal amount of time and get the best result out of it when it comes to green smoothies.

The smoothie should be good enough to satisfy the taste buds whilst making sure that the nutritional value is there all the same. That’s exactly why we decided to bring you an insight into three popular models of green smoothie blenders that have taken the smoothie blender market by a storm.

A smoothie blender should capable of handling whatever challenge that you throw at it. Not every person can spend time to cut and chop those veggies and leaves and fruits to get the perfect juice for them. Which is obviously why they opt for a blender.

Therefore, the blender should be good enough to get the job done at the end of the day.

oster versa green smoothie blenderOster Versa is capable of just that. With a 1400 Watt motor that’s packed with a 28000 revolutions per minute capability, this Oster Versa blender is not a toy.

The stainless steel blade makes short work of anything you care to put in it and the variable speed dial is there to make sure that the speed is just right for what is on the day’s recipe. And you can expect the blades to last a while as well, they are made of fine quality carbon stainless steel.

No matter whether it’s the preparation of a smoothie, a spread or even a soup, the machine will read your demand with the matter of a button press. It can cut through the most delicate of veggies and the hardest of nuts alike. As it performs the duties of a food processor, an ice chopper, a smoothie maker as well as a handheld mixer, What else would you want from your performance blender actually?

Equipped with a 64-Ounce BPA-Free Tritan Plastic Jar: with no-mess spout and easy-to-read measurements as well as a secure-fitting lid, the jar lets the tamper inside it perfectly to make sure that the hardest to process food items get a proper treatment with the intervention of the tamper.

Comes with a color cookbook that contains a wide range of recipes for those shakes, appetizers, main and side dishes and many more. Last but not the least, Oster has been generous enough to cover the performance as well as the power of this beasty machine with whopping warranty of 7 years.

Ninja Ultima Blender Plus is another force to reckon with. Equipped with total crushing technology that’s capable of crushing the ice and even the hardest of nuts and vegetables, Comes as a 1500 Watt and 2.5 horse power machine, it offers 10 speeds to make sure that the vast range of functions it’s expected to perform can be fulfilled with extra accuracy.

The pro variable speed is capable of everything from the gentle touch of a crush to the smothering ice breaking beastliness.It makes sure that the busy schedules should never be an excuse to have your favorite smoothie on the go as it comes with 3 pro single serve cups with sip and seal lids. But what makes it special is the Dual Stage Blending Technology that is in the Patent pending status.

It offers a high level of torque with a high speed cyclonic blending in a jar in order to crush down the ingredients and then liquefy them. The innovative technology lets the two blades to rotate at two different speeds simultaneously to first crush the larger parts and then get the small chunks to liquefy.

It therefore serves as two jobs at once. As it’s equipped with nutri ninja nutrients and vitamin extraction facility, the quality of your smoothies can be expected to stay at the very top.

vitamix smoothie blenderVitamix 5200 series is also in contention to be amongst the very best when it comes to blenders. Comes with 2 peak horsepower motor, it’s also equipped with a specially designed collar in order to prevent it from hitting the blades, which makes sure that the mixtures are never going to bother the blender anymore.

The 64 ounce container, on the other hand, is capable of handling anything from medium to large scale blending depending on the demand. The laser cut stainless steel cutting blades will compliment just that. It comes with an efficient radial cooling fan which makes sure that heating is never an issue with your smoothie blender.

The motor, being a low friction ball bearing component, can be trusted to last a lifetime too. So, with a simple design with not many detachable features, this is a very good option for anyone who would like things simple, yet with all the taste and nutritional value preserved alike.

What’s special about this Vitamix product is, it is capable of preserving all those fibers, minerals and vitamins for you as it manages to create a concoction , which means all the goodness that was put in is just stuck there firmly, waiting to be digested in a human digestion system..

You already know how important your green smoothie is for your diet and natural wellbeing. And the bucks that you spend on a machine of this caliber won’t be a waste as it will surely pay back with preserved taste, natural goodness as well as more trusted consumers.



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