How to Track Your Progress Using a GPS Running Watch

GPS Watch

GPS running watches have come onto the market over the past several years, and they are a great way to track your progress as an athlete without too much extra time or effort.

Several different brands make versions of these watches, but they all offer features that can be used to keep you informed on the details and statistics of your runs each day.

This will give you a concrete way to see how you are improving over time.

All GPS running watches can track stats such as distance and pace without you having to do anything. This will allow you to monitor exactly how far you run each day and how fast and effective your runs are, and you can use this information to plan out your workouts in the future as well.

If you want to push yourself, you can use the watch to aim for a longer or faster run. These watches also have maps that can tell you exactly where you are and what altitude you are at, among other things, which is very handy information to have if you are running in an unfamiliar city or just tend to get lost on your runs.

Knowing the altitude that you are running at is also good because that affects the difficulty of your runs.

Some of these watches also have features that allow you to plan out a course for your run every day before you even work out. This is helpful because it will prevent the aforementioned problem of getting lost as well as allow you to plan out a run with the desired amount of uphill’s or downhill’s.

You can also often sync the watches with an app for your smartphone that allows you to view all of your stats on a larger screen, as well as connect with other runners in your area or who are using the same app.

Most GPS running watches now also offer overall fitness and activity tracking as well. This includes features like calorie counting, sleep tracking, and heart rate monitoring. This allows you to skip expensive wristbands like the FitBit and instead just invest in one watch that tracks everything.

You can track your calorie count overall throughout the day, which will allow you to plan your meals better around upcoming runs. You can also track your heart rate as you run and throughout the day as well to make sure you stay healthy.

Many GPS running watches will even count your steps throughout the day as well.

Although they may be pricey, buying a GPS running watch can be a great investment for runners who are looking to track their progress and stay healthy. They range extremely widely in price depending on the amount of features the watch offers, so everyone from running aficionado’s to beginners who are looking to improve can find an option that works for them.

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