The 3 Best Drip Coffee Makers

Best Drip Coffee Makers

A coffee maker is fast becoming a modern day definition for comfortable living. People aspire to have one to make sure that their personal lives are customized just the way they like it. A perfect homemade and customized cup of coffee that’s aromatic would just be the ideal start for a busy and exciting day.

Since the modern-day drip coffee machine has evolved so much from the earlier versions with immense technological advancements that range from laser-like focus to other electronic smarts that are always eye grabbers, the market has expanded so much which helps you to get the best that suits your needs.

So to help you find the best drip coffee maker we have listed the 3 most popular models and links to the full reviews.

Here’s our list of top 3 most popular drip coffee makers

Hamilton Beach Coffee Brewer

Hamilton Beach coffee brewerHamilton Beach coffee brewers are a major contender to the top market share with other leading brands. A brand that prefers to keep evolving instead of supplying the same old to the not the same old consumer, the modern-day coffee brewer from Hamilton Beach might just be the one that could serve the taste buds of coffee maniacs.

Starting from the simple preset operator which takes that stress out of your head when you just happen to take that 5 minute nap in the middle of your coffee making process. And the brew strength is adjustable and that is one feature that makes everyone fall in love with a gadget of this caliber.

Since everyone’s taste is a bit different from another, the coffee strength that one would be yearning for is quite different from another. Without the adjustable brew strength, that would require different machines for everyone in the family. It has the automatic pause and serve feature that enables you to grab that sip of coffee whilst the brewing is not completely done yet. The best part when it comes to safety however, is the fact that they auto shut down after 2 hours to prevent any possibility of a fire.

Cuisinart DC-1200

Cuisinart DC-1200Cuisinart DC-1200 is also a worthy contender to entrust the making of your favorite cup of coffee. The 12 cup carafe would leave you plenty of space to satisfy the masses that storm your household. There are 3 levels of temperature settings to make sure that everything is warm, just the way you like it.

A well thought out piece of machinery when it comes to user safety, the alarm system makes sure that it beeps audibly enough to get someone’s attention when the coffee is done. It also beeps when the warmer goes off and would make sure that any leftover coffee is not left to lose its heat without power for too long.

In addition, the programmable digital clock with 24 hour advanced brew setting is ideal to make sure that you always stay ahead of the plan. However, some may prefer two programmed times for this particular function as the schedule is quite different from weekdays to weekends. The self-cleaning function, which makes sure that it lets you know when your unit needs a cleanup, especially to clean it of the calcification caused by the water input.

In addition could save a lot of time which is a saving grace for a modern day busy lifestyle. However one of the biggest plus points of this particular unit is the charcoal water filter that comes with it. That would make sure that the water that you put into it is clean of the likes of Calcium and chlorine, as well as those bad odors and tastes. That’s one for those who prefer the natural water purification methods which also ensures that the coffee tastes more natural, in the final outcome.

The ‘brew pause’ is also there in the package, though as always, it’s best to wait that extra bit to get the best out of your coffee. The carafe comes with an ergonomic handle which feels comfy to the palm is marked from 2-12 glasses so that you know exactly how many cups you can serve with what you have at hand.

BUNN BXB Velocity

BUNN BXB VelocityBUNN BXB Velocity is actually a machine for those who like things the simple old way. The modern, yet retro fashioned design still has nothing to complain about. The non- automated unit stands out as an ultra-simple design. But it might just stand out for that very reason.

Doesn’t come with a cup warming plate, a removable water tank or an inbuilt grinder, it stands up with its elegant design and durability which still is pleasing to the everyday consumer who prefers things the ordinary simplistic way. It sure is inspired by the array of experiences that the manufacturer has acquired through being in the trade for four decades.

Though the modern day expectations for a drip coffee maker are associated with all those convenient new technologies that make sure that all you have to do is to buy the machine and the coffee you want other than sitting back and waiting, BUNN seems to want to turn things around to give the consumer an actual feel of what it’s like to prepare his own cup of coffee the old way.

It will brew you coffee enough for 4 to 10 cups within 3 minutes utilizing a spray-head design which lets the maximal flavor extraction and maximum wetting. The glass carafe and a porcelain-coated warming plate have a touch of their own. The 3 year warranty that the company offers shows how much of a trust they have invested in it as well.

All in all, the drip coffee making market is an exciting one as some prefer the usual old methodology over more sophisticated technology. But one thing’s for sure. If you want the best homebrew coffee, you probably need to go for the best as there are plenty of companies that are there for the lion’s share of it. Which makes purchasing your coffee machine a tough, but an interesting adventure.

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